Planting Seeds of Belief…Coaching as Gardening

How is coaching like gardening? Great coaches are planting seeds of belief. When I reflect on my own experiences of being coached, those seeds were my personal “ah-ha” moments of shifting. When I think about what is at the core of coaching, it is to provide an environment to plant and nurture the seeds of belief. Let’s unpack the concepts of planting and belief.

Planting the Seeds

First up is planting. Planting evokes many related words like: gardening, seed, patience, attention and support. Funny thing is I have never seen myself as someone drawn to gardening and planting in the literal sense of those words. In fact, I have often claimed and proven not to have a green thumb. My apologies to the many plants and flowers over the years that did not survive under my care.

Ok, so I am not talking about the literal interpretation. But, there are so many simply beautiful metaphors that come from planting a seed and gardening when I think about what coaching allows and why I am drawn to this field. Clients come to me because they are unsure or feel stuck. Unsure about what to do, unsure about how to respond or feel, and unsure about their purpose in life. They feel stuck. Stuck in life. Stuck in their career. Something needs to change, but what?

This is my tribe. I have felt these feelings and questioned these same questions. Still do. These are universal feelings and questions. I believe we all hit that proverbial wall at different times in our lives. I also believe it is necessary to hit these walls from time to time. Now is the time to wake up and to make sure we are going in the right direction, all while enjoying the trip.

In Search Of

At this wall, we may go in search of answers outside of ourselves. We search for answers from books, from classes, from friends and family, fro Oprah, from song lyrics, from vacations to Spain, from coaches, etc. And there is nothing wrong with any or all search pursuits. Except that they are only the external search.

Our Answers Lie Within

My basic belief is that the answers lie within each of us. Ok, then why hire a coach? Good question. Here is what I love about the coaching process, what I have experienced, and what a great coach can offer. Gardening! I like to think I am the Queen of planting beliefs. Planting beliefs until you can tend to your own garden. I am a gardener, planting seeds of hope and belief through powerful questions. You have, I have, we all have a knowing deep inside that is our true and authentic self. This true self can get blocked by muck, such as false expectations and untrue beliefs. I listen and I ask questions.

Each question is a seed planted that we will tend to. Each question/seed has the potential to unlock those answers inside each of us. Each seed has the potential to grow into an idea and then into a reality. Your reality. As the Queen of planting beliefs, I help you create and tend to your own garden until those seeds sprout clarity, hope, ideas, action, and forward motion…all while feeling unstuck and feeling more authentically you. How cool is that!

Power of Belief

We’ve already discussed the second word, belief, indirectly. But let’s call it out more directly. When we are unsure or feel stuck, we have lost some sense of belief. This could be belief in one’s own abilities, belief in changing right now (it is natural for people to reflect on age when they consider change, as in “I’m too old to change.” or “I should have done something sooner.”), belief that it is possible, and belief in and trust in the process. The process can mean the coaching process, the process of change, etc.

A great coach believes in you until you can believe in yourself. A great coach listens deeply to what your soul is saying and helps you to hear that voice too. A great coach asks great questions. And a great coach believes in coaching, believes in the process, and most importantly believes in YOU!

Seriously? A Queen?

Who gave me this title of Queen of Planting Beliefs? Nobody but me. It isn’t an official title, but rather a declaration of how much I believe…I believe in and have experienced the power and energy that comes from coaching, I believe in this process, I believe in powerful questions to unlock closed doors, and I believe in YOU! Unlock the answers lying inside you. Start believing again and moving forward to a more authentically aligned career and life. It is possible. Anything is possible. The time is now.

Your turn, answer below:

What belief when planted could make a difference in your world?

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